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Being Human is for people who want go deep on what it means to be a human making a difference. We’ll discover how to be better humans at work and in life. We’ll explore leadership, relationships and how to make changes in ourselves and our environments. Nothing will be off limits. Welcome.

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4 days ago

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This week's guest is Josh Dickson, an accredited EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Consultant, accredited drugs and alcohol counsellor, and an exciting innovator in trauma healing. Josh is the clinical director of the Resurface programme, which uses surfing as a core element in developing new positive resources for those with a traumatic history.
His approach is grounded in the belief that engaging with the natural elements and participating in challenging physical activities like surfing can significantly enhance mental health and emotional well-being.
We discuss:
Flow state: what it is and is not
Flow state and therapy
Surfing and trauma release
Teaching resilience to kids
Flow state vs drug-assisted therapy
Links:ResurfaceResurface's Instagram PageJosh's LinkedIn Page

Friday Jun 07, 2024

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This week's guest is Betsy Polatin, author of Humanual - A Manual for Being Human - and former professor of the Alexander Technique at Boston University College of Fine Arts.Betsy's work combines movement principles and anatomical knowledge to foster self-awareness, resilience, and holistic healing, helping individuals overcome traumas and stress for enhanced personal growth and well-being
We discuss:
How not to ground
The Spirit-Mind-Body
Why we get traumatised
Dealing with trauma
Why we need to go beyond 'techniques'
Links:Betsy's WebsiteHumanual: A Manual for Being Human - The Book

Friday May 31, 2024

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This week's guest is Wendy D'Andrea, a professor of psychology at The New School in New York, where she specializes in trauma and psychobiology. She also works with Bessel van der Kolk (The Body Keeps the Score) at The Trauma Research Foundation as its Chief Science Officer.Wendy's career began early, working with sexual assault survivors. She has gone on to become a researcher of extraordinary breath, having studied widely across the psychobiological effects of trauma to a panoply of trauma treatments at the individual and community levels.
We discuss:
Her challenging childhood as a carer
Working with assault survivors
Trauma-informed sports
Psychedelics and integration
The psychobiology of trauma
Links:The Trauma Research FoundationThe New School Trauma and Affective Psychophysiology Lab

Friday May 24, 2024

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This week's guest is Greg Wrenn, an associate English professor at James Madison University, blending climate science with literary studies.His book, "Mothership: A Memoir of Wonder and Crisis" explores healing from complex PTSD through connecting with nature, psychedelic plants, and the beauty of endangered coral reefs.Greg's approach is deeply intertwined with his appreciation for the natural world, which he looks to as a source of recovery and understanding. His work reflects a journey of personal healing, advocating for ecological compassion and mental wellness through a unique fusion of his academic focus and individual experiences.
We discuss:
Awakening to an abusive childhood
The trap of therapy
First Ayahuasca ceremony
Integration of the psychedelic experience
New freedom
Links:Mothership - The BookDreamglade Center

Tuesday May 14, 2024

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This week's guest is Hunter Hastings, an eclectic professional whose career encompasses roles as an economist, venture capitalist, education reformer and co-author of 'Aberrant Capitalism'.Born in a working-class family in the industrial northeast of England, his career trajectory has seen him engaging in global branding and consulting and contributing significantly to the realm of business education.Hunter is fascinating as a man who, while working in venture capitalism, clearly sees the ills of financial capitalism and is passionate about transforming the way future business leaders prioritize service for the betterment of society.
We discuss:
In defence of the consumer
The rot of Financial Capitalism
A new vision for business education
Entrepreneurship as process, not personalities
What leaders and managers can change right now
Links:Hunter's WebsiteHunter's LinkedIn PageAberrant Capitalism - The BookThe Value CreatorsBialla Venture Partners

Saturday May 04, 2024

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This week's guest is Lauren Magers, who has to be the highest-energy woman I've ever met. She's been told she could be the 'female Tony Robbins', and I can understand why.
She went from winning a top soccer college scholarship to a national sales leader in outdoor advertising sales. Her drive was such that she refused to leave the office without making 100 cold calls a day! 
At 27, she found herself as co-leader of an Inc. 5000 company and a mother of four. She discovered that in order to create the happy family life she lacked as a child, she would need a system. Thus, the Happy Life System was born.
The Happy Life System is not just a game; it's a transformative tool. It introduces gamification into daily life skills for children, empowering them to understand and leverage the 'why' behind their actions. By fostering adaptability and promoting conscious awareness, the system turns routine activities into exciting opportunities for personal growth. 
We discuss:
Being forced to eat soap as a child
Discernment in preserving energy
Reframing our view of children
Gamifying Family Happiness
Loving from a distance
Links:The Happy Life SystemGet 20% Off Lauren's Crack the Parenting Code Course

Friday Apr 26, 2024

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This week's guest is Rick Jordan, a man with a veritable panoply of hats.
Entrepreneur, pastor, podcaster, keynote speaker, IT and cybersecurity CEO, and author of the book 'Situational Ethics', Rick gives his all in every area of his life.
An early family tragedy set him on a path of high achievement, faith and giving back. 
We discuss:
Losing his father at 16
Making $30k over Christmas in commission at 17
Relaxing the ego for impact
The real lesson from Noah's Ark
The right relationship with money
Links:Rick's WebsiteSituational Ethics - The Book

Friday Apr 12, 2024

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This week's guest is Jan Winhall, a seasoned trauma and addiction psychotherapist and author of the book 'Treating Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model'.Jan had a remarkable start to her career. In her early twenties, she found herself leading group sessions for incest survivors. Over time, she learned the power of the Felt Sense and then how to integrate this with the Polyvagal Model. 
We discuss:
Beyond Fight-Flight: The Polyvagal Theory
The importance of the Felt Sense in healing
The nonsense of the DSM diagnoses
The issue with 12-step programmes
You can cure your addiction
Links:Jan's WebsiteTreating Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model - The Book

Friday Mar 29, 2024

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I am delighted to welcome Peter Levine back on the show. Peter is a world-renowned trauma recovery expert and the creator of the Somatic Experiencing method.
While discussing his latest book, An Autobiography Of Trauma, Peter bravely delves into the painful childhood experiences and the early steps that led him to develop his somatic approach.
We discuss:
Taking our dreams seriously
The role of psychedelics
Confrontations with the academic establishment
His life's mission
Links:Peter's WebsiteAn Autobiography of Trauma - The Book

Monday Mar 25, 2024

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This week, I speak with Lou Lebentz, trauma specialist, mental health campaigner, author, speaker, and therapist.
With over 25 years of working in the mental health arena and a deeply personal understanding of the impact of trauma, Lou has developed The Voyage Academy, a theoretical model used for helping others navigate their healing journeys. Her approach is trauma-informed, emphasizing the importance of compassion, understanding, and resilience. Her work is a testament to the transformative power of recovery and the possibility of finding hope and healing.
We discuss:
From the rag trade to The Priory
Recovering from psychosis 
Integrating and befriending the body
Alignment and community support
The journey from trauma to resilience
Links:Lou's WebsiteThe Voyage AcademyLou's Books


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