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Being Human is for people who want go deep on what it means to be a human making a difference. We’ll discover how to be better humans at work and in life. We’ll explore leadership, relationships and how to make changes in ourselves and our environments. Nothing will be off limits. Welcome.

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7 days ago

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I interview Damian Hughes, host of the hugely popular The High Performance Podcast, academic, international speaker and best-selling author. I first heard him speak at a client we both share. He enraptured the audience with his humour, fantastic stories and insight. He combines his deep understanding of human psychology with what he's learned interviewing some of the most accomplished people on the planet.We talk:
Growing up as the son of a world-class boxing coach
Creating High Performance cultures
Low efficacy vs. high efficacy personalities
Lessons from football legend van Persie
High Performance defined (not what you'd think)
Links:Damian's WebsiteHigh Performance: Lessons from the Best on Becoming Your Best - The BookHow to Change Your Life: Lessons on Transformation from the World of High Performance - The BookThe High Performance Podcast

Friday Aug 18, 2023

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This week I speak with Gilbert Bates, multiple author and practitioner of Janovian Primal Therapy - a highly effective approach for resolving early trauma and leading a rich and love-filled life.Following a breakdown at age 46, Gilbert sought help by traditional psychiatric means. He was told he'd have to be on medication for the rest of his life. After experimenting with shamanistic practices, Gil realised that medication blocks the flow of traumatic memories from coming to conscious awareness, serving to keep his feelings down. In contrast, he discovered that Janovian Primal Therapy gets underneath the brain's inbuilt defences to allow us to experience painful memories for what they are and to heal from them. Today he's sharing the results of his incredible journey.We talk:
Curing his depression by 90%
Feeling love for the first time in his 70s
The fatal flaw in the human psyche and how to resolve it
Reconnecting with our animal nature
Resolving our primal pain and letting the love flow
Links:Gilbert's WebsiteThree Levels Of Mind YouTube ChannelLove and the Three Levels of Consciousness - The Book

Friday Aug 11, 2023

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This week I speak with Brent Pohlman, the author of 'Leaders Look Within' and owner and CEO of Midwest Laboratories.Brent started working at 15 in the company his father started and ended up in charge. Through decades of building on his father's legacy, Brent has learned that no matter what incentives you offer, employees will only truly listen to a manager that leads from the heart. After a cardiac scare in 2006 and the loss of his mother a decade later, Brent realised he needed to change how he led. Some introspection led him to a purpose-oriented and people-first approach. We talk:
Developing a personal 'Why' and 'How'
The power of monitoring our Heart Rate Variability
Rubber bands and negative self-talk
A killer morning routine
Prayer in the workplace
Links:Brent's Website

Friday Aug 04, 2023

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I've got a great one for you this week. I speak with the fantastic Fini Cooper, a Breathwork Therapist based in London.I first met Fini hosting the Wellness In The Wild festival, and her speech was brilliant. Despite being a part-time yogi for two decades, I hadn't realised the extent of the benefits of breathwork: the impact that taking conscious control of our breathing can have on our health and well-being. We talk:
Foundational breathing
The difference between talk therapy and deep work
Why CO2 is good for us
Playing with inhale vs exhale
Taping your mouth at night
Links:Fini's Website

Sunday Jul 30, 2023

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This week we speak with Jason Lippert, President & Chief Executive Officer of LCI Industries (LCII), a New York Stock Exchange-listed company with 15,000 team members, over $5.2bn in yearly sales, and one of the world leaders in producing RV components.Jason has taken to heart Bob Chapman's teachings on leadership and hopes to inspire other people through his work, even founding the Lippert Academy of Leadership.We talk:
How’s Jason faith helped him to re-evaluate his approach to business
Changing his ways as a leader 
The importance of emotional control as a leader 
Taking culture out of HR
Great leadership requires training 
Links:The Lippert Academy of Leadership

Friday Jul 21, 2023

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This week I swing out with Andrew Genovese, a Dimensional Breathwork teacher/facilitator, sacred space holder, plant medicine guide, visionary, and New Earth Ambassador.
On his journey to heal his traumas, Andrew found breathwork and now uses it to tap into the central nervous system to calm the mind and purify the body. This work allows us to let go of our physical body and permits the subconscious and unconscious mind to bring to the surface whatever is ready for us to process and release fully.
He has now become an ambassador for a technology he claims to be as powerful as breathwork: reduction/oxidation or redox. Redox signaling molecules are produced within every cell in your body and act as cellular messengers or activators. These molecules are critical in keeping oxidation in check and preventing cellular damage. The company he represents claims to have created a bottled form of these molecules.We talk:
How Andrew cured a chronic, painful condition through breathwork alone
Why the lack of ‘chi’ is at the root of ill health
The Redox breakthrough 
The ending of the dark age of the Kali Yuga
Links:Andrew's Website

Monday Jul 17, 2023

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This week I speak with Stoyan Yankov, productivity and performance coach and author of PERFORM: The Unsexy Truth About (Startup) Success.Stoyan has a fantastic life story to share. Starting in his native Bulgaria and pursuing a finance degree in Denmark, he discovered a passion for filmmaking that saw him eventually work as a producer for more than 500 films. Then the epiphany happened. When delivering a speech, he realised a person's life could truly be changed with a one-hour speech. After that, he quit filmmaking and pursued a career as a motivational speaker and workshop host. We talk:
Washing dishes and giving speeches
Keeping purpose present
The Art of Prioritisation
Are you eating frogs or honey?
Can 'self-work' be an avoidance strategy?
Links:Stoyan's WebistePERFORM: The Unsexy Truth about (Startup) Success - The Book

Saturday Jul 08, 2023

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This week I speak with Garret Kramer, an author, coach and consultant with over 28 years of experience helping athletes, actors, and business leaders.What started as an inkling in the back of his mind that life was more than it was cracked up to be, Garret's work has led him on a path of self-exploration, discovering non-duality on the way and its relevance to performance, happiness, and psychology.Garret shares:
When he realised that conventional, 'fix-the-self' coaching wasn't his path
Mainstream coaching and therapy vs the path of non-duality 
How wonder is schooled out of us
Our societal obsession with individual identity
Tricking the seeking mind
Links:Garret's Website

Friday Jun 30, 2023

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This week's Being Human episode guest is Dr. Vincent Esposito, a holistic doctor trained in chiropractic, nutrition, and herbal medicine.
Dr. Esposito has a fantastic health journey that started during his time as a college athlete. Noticing an increase in body weight and the onset of gut issues, he started to dive deeper into anatomy and psychology, understanding the biochemistry that allows our bodies to run properly. After developing a regimen of healthy eating and living rules, he's resolved his gut issues and has developed a plant-based system that allows people to live healthy lives inside and out.
We talk:
Using the five flavours for great vegetarian meals
Is it about plant-based, or it is about whole foods?
The peril of not going organic
How you eat, not what you eat
Links:Dr. Esposito's WebsiteDr. Esposito's YouTube Channel

Friday Jun 23, 2023

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This week we speak with Gillian McMichael, teacher, healer, coach and author of the book Coming Home: A Guide to Being Your True Self.Coming from a working-class background, Gillian's path from being an administrator and holiday rep to coaching at the highest levels in business is remarkable. A pioneer in the field, Gillian set up the very first professional coaching body in Scotland and has gone on to master multiple disciplines in the healing and coaching arts. Gillian shares:
Recovery from sexual trauma
Finding meditation
The power of answering big questions
Resiliency and Reiki
Stacking habits
Links:Gillian's WebsiteComing Home: A Guide to Being Your True Self - The Book


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